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Regulatory Compliance Issues
Among the numerous regulations currently in effect in California, there are two that dramatically impact diesel powered equipment owners and operators across the State. The equipment covered under these mandates include various construction style units that are widely used for a variety of applications. Both owners or users of the applicable equipment could potentially face considerable fines and long-term financial repercussions for disregarding these directives, so Dahl's Equipment Rentals has applied considerable efforts and funds to successfully achieve total compliance* with our entire fleet of rental equipment.
So why risk getting an expensive fine or being denied access to your jobsite because your diesel powered equipment is not registered or compliant with current State regulations?
Most of California's hard-working companies, contractors, and residents simply don't have the time and resources to comply with costly air quality laws, so Dahls Equipment Rentals has done the work for you, and can help our customers continue to be innovators in industry and to succeed in an ever-increasingly "green" business environment. By fulfilling your equipment needs with Dahl's Equipment Rentals you'll ensure your regulatory adherence, lower your carbon footprint, and improve the quality of the air that we breathe. Make a long term investment in your future, in our State, and in the health of all Californians.
*NOTE - While the Dahls Equipment Rentals rental fleet is in full compliance with State regulations, we are occasionally required to re-rent alternate suppliers' equipment in order to meet customer demand. When doing so Dahls cannot guarantee that the equipment supplied will meet the current standards, but will make all possible efforts to ensure that it does.
Get informed and beware of companies claiming to provide compliant
equipment by making the following simple visual verification:
Equipment under the Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) should have a reflective metal placard affixed on a vertical surface of the portable engine in a location that is readily visible from a distance. (as illustrated on the right) EPA Tier 2 Plate, brown EPA Tier 3 Plate, green EPA Tier 4 Plate, blue
Equipment under the In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation will have a State issued equipment identification number comprised of 3 in. white characters on a red background.
(as illustrated on the right)

The specific regulations and their respective equipment are as follows:

Click here to visit the California Air Resources Board Website
Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) Owners or operators of portable engines and certain other types of equipment must register their units under the Air Resources Board's (ARB) Statewide Portable Equipment Registration Program (PERP) in order to operate their equipment throughout California without having to obtain individual permits from local air districts. Starting in 2008, the owner of a registered engine shall provide the Air Resources Board with an annual report by March 1st after the end of the reporting year which is signed by a designated responsible official and consisting of; the reporting year, registration number of each engine, and quarterly summaries of either total hours of operation or fuel usage by district or county. By January 1, 2020, portable engines shall be equipped with properly functioning level-3 verified technology as defined in Title 13 of the California Code of Regulations Section 93116.2, equipped with emission control strategies that have been verified together to achieve at least an 85% reduction in diesel particulate matter (PM) emissions, or shall be replaced with an engine that is certified to meet the Tier 4 emission standards. The complete regulation and its details can be found on the California ARB website at:
In-Use Off-Road Diesel
Vehicle Regulation
The California Code of Regulations, Title 13, section 2449 became effective on June 15 2008, and the purpose of this regulation is to reduce harmful particulate matter (PM) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions from diesel powered construction and mining equipment operating in California. (In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicles) The regulation applies to any person, business, or government agency who owns or operates within California any diesel fueled or alternative diesel fueled off-road compression ignition vehicle engine with a maximum power of 25 horsepower (hp) or greater that is used to provide motive power in any motor vehicle that cannot be registered and driven safely on-road or was not designed to be driven on-road, and is not a recreational off-highway vehicle. The complete regulation and its details can be found on the California ARB website at:
So do it once... do it right... do it with help from the rental professionals at Dahl's Equipment Rentals!

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