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Rental Period

Daily Rate Period - 24 hours
Weekly Rate Period - 7 consecutive days to the same time
4-Week Rate Period - 4 consecutive weeks to the same time

Metered Equipment Shift Rate Charges

On metered equipment Standard billing rate includes 8 hours of metered run time per 24 hrs., 40 hours per 7-day week, and 160 hours per 4-week period.

Double-Shift usage is 1.5 times (1.5x) the standard billed rate and includes 9 to 16 hours of metered run time per 24 hrs, 41 to 80 hours per 7-day week, and 161 to 320 hours per 4-week period.

Triple-Shift Usage is 2 times (double) the standard billed rate and includes usage greater than 16 hours of metered run time per 24 hrs, greater than 80 hours per 7-day week, and greater than 320 hours per 4-week period.


A valid California identification is required for ALL rentals, and when renting any towable equipment, renter and their respective agents must provide a current and valid driver’s license for every transaction. Out of state driver’s licenses may require additional sources of identification.


Deposits are required at the time rental is reserved and/or picked up, and deliveries will not be completed until deposit is secured in advance. (excluding charge account customers). We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express and we are equipped for touchless payments (credit card). Debit cards cannot be used, but can be processed as a credit card if they are configured as such.


Prices are subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, rental charges apply to total time out, NOT time used. If equipment fails for any reason, customer must discontinue use and notify Dahl's Equipment Rentals immediately. Failure to do so will result in customer being responsible for all rental time charges regardless of the equipment’s operational status.

Delivery and Pickup

Delivery and pickup are available for all equipment and transportation rates are determined by delivery vehicle legally required to haul the equipment, and location by county boundaries with variances for metro or all other outlying areas. Delivered equipment must be called off rent by customer, as Dahl's Equipment Rentals does not book pickups in advance. Failure to do so will result in the equipment remaining on rent and continuing to accrue rental charges.


Responsibility for rental items remains with the customer while in the customer’s possession. All items should be secured and protected at all times as the risk of theft is considerable. Customer is responsible for theft, loss, and damages to equipment including tires, and charges will be based on current replacement costs.

Additional Fees / Taxes

Sales tax for all rental equipment is paid by Dahl's Equipment Rentals. Sales tax only applies to re-rent equipment, (non-Dahl’s fleet) consumable items, accessories, parts, and new equipment sales. Damage waiver or equipment protection plan is not available for purchase, and NO equipment surcharges, environmental fees, heavy equipment taxes, etc. apply to rental transactions.

Note: These policies do not supersede the terms and conditions stipulated in the signed rental agreements.

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